In his efforts to connect with his Chinese heritage, a biracial man discovers challenges and complexities he may not have expected in James Michael Chiang’s remarkably deft blending of drama and comedy.

(9 mins / color / 35mm), Canada, 2023

T: +1 (905) 616-7977
I: @jamesmichaelchiang

Oliver Chiang
Selena Kang
Jake Shannon
Esfandiar Baraheni
Yee Ling Wong
Xiu Fen Son
Ronald Hae

Director: James Michael Chiang
Writers: James Michael Chiang & Oliver Chiang
Producer: Aasttha Khajuria
Associate Producer: Jeremiah Lapointe
Director of Photography: Shady Hanna
Production Designer: Flora Yin
Editor: Calum Moore
Colourist: Wade Odlum
Original Score: Ali Helnwein
Sound Mix / Design: Omid Geadizadeh

Director’s Statement
Growing up biracial, I never felt like I fully identified as Chinese, White or either concurrently, yet socially I felt required to. In conversing with many other biracial friends and people alike, I understand this feeling is pervasive as much as it is a common, unifying narrative thread; our identity is often challenged and denigrated even among our own communities let alone externally. “Xie Xie, Ollie” is loosely inspired by a collection of moments from my life, but overall explores the intersection of personal identity and public acceptance. The film provides an intimate look at racial identity from the perspective of family, friends and others, and I’m extremely excited to share it with everyone. - James Michael Chiang

Director’s Bio
James Michael Chiang is a Chinese-Canadian writer-director based in Toronto, Canada. As a filmmaker, his work shares a dogmatic preference for telling raw, genuine human stories that are visually true to spirit. “Xie Xie, Ollie” is his directorial narrative short debut.